About Office Muse

My name is Linda Carmona. I am a professional violinist with a passion for administrative support. I started working as an office temp during college when I wasn’t busy performing and found out that I really enjoyed it and I was really good at it.

Shortly after meeting my husband, he joined the Army. As a very proud Military Spouse, I am used to relocating due to my husband’s rising Army career. I decided that starting my own virtual assistant business would allow me to continue what I love to do and not be bound by geography. It also allows me the flexibility to continue my performance career.

 As an administrative professional with over 25 years of experience, I provide exceptional administrative and operational support to entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals of all kinds so they can put the focus back on their business and their clients. It is my goal to maintain a high level of attention to detail in my work, take ownership of all projects and look ahead to foresee any obstacles or resolve any potential issues before they become a problem. I keep up with current administrative, technical, and application trends, and enjoy learning new software, processes and procedures.